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It’s a Camry?!

In taking my car to the Toyota dealership for service over the weekend, I spent a good two hours in their waiting area.

While waiting, a young mother and her son, about three years old walked through. The mother, trying to entertain her bored toddler pointed at the wall where a large picture of a yellow race car in a pit stop hung. In the picture, the car is surrounded by a pit team, quickly prepping the car to return to the race.

My attention no longer in my book, I kept my head down, but eavesdropped on this perfect example of marketing. The mother said, “Look hunny! It’s just like your race car. We should have brought your car.” Of course she was probably referring to a sporty Matchbox car back at their home. Continue reading


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QR Codes

QR codes are those nifty one-inch squares that look like bar codes and are showing up everywhere. When scanned with a smart phone they take you to a specific website. Companies have linked them to their websites, Facebook pages and sweepstakes. Some have even incorporated design elements including text and shaping the code into something relating to their brand. While the intention may be good, do consumers really care? 

It has been said that QR codes are only loved by marketers and the average consumer does not care for them. Continue reading

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F8 – Facebook Developer’s Conference

Today, Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at a converted warehouse in SOMA to address the world about something we are all much too familiar with, Facebook.

Zuckerberg’s overall message was: Discover through friends.

The keynote address started on an up note with Andy Samberg (a personal favorite) posing as Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg then took the stage and fumbled through his presentation with the repeated statement “this is really exciting.” So maybe he’s not the best presenter, but there is no doubt in the ability of Facebook to change how we communicate.

Key takeaways from Facebook’s f8 developer’s conference today: Continue reading

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