F8 – Facebook Developer’s Conference

Today, Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at a converted warehouse in SOMA to address the world about something we are all much too familiar with, Facebook.

Zuckerberg’s overall message was: Discover through friends.

The keynote address started on an up note with Andy Samberg (a personal favorite) posing as Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg then took the stage and fumbled through his presentation with the repeated statement “this is really exciting.” So maybe he’s not the best presenter, but there is no doubt in the ability of Facebook to change how we communicate.

Key takeaways from Facebook’s f8 developer’s conference today:

Facebook is chasing Myspace on the music front

It has been known for quite some time that Myspace is working on stealing back the spotlight and is entirely centered on music. Facebook, not missing a beat and not willing to turn over any power, is intent on capturing that market as well. Through a partnership with music sharing company, Spotify, Facebook will allow registered users to share music through their profiles. Soon we won’t even have to leave Facebook. We can get music, social, events, video, chat, etc. The rest of the world may go back to their business now. See you on Facebook

Timeline – the newest stalker tool

See a full archive of everything you have done in your entire life from birth until now organized by year. Facebook is now your go-to place for images, social check-ins, app usage, games, updates, etc. Search back in time for memories and key turning points in your life. Scroll back to the top and welcome to present day. If people weren’t afraid of the internet knowing all before, run for your lives.

Netflix has gone social

Similar to Spotify music sharing, share what movie you are currently watching, which you enjoy and which you recommend. No more browsing the movie rental store (does anyone do that anymore?)

Open Graph – discovery through friends

Open Graph allows users to share everything they do on Facebook. Like Words With Friends? Share the word you just used on Facebook. Play Farmville? Share your new barn. Have spinach in your teeth? I’m sure you can find 1,000 ways to share that too through Facebook’s Open Graph

Ok, so maybe I was a bit harsh. Yes, the new Facebook announcements encourage us to spend more time on Facebook, but in all, they also allow us to discover new interests, likes, wants, etc. with our friends. I’m sure we will all benefit from the new news, movies, music, games and restaurants we discover from our Facebook friends.

Of course all Facebook users are freaking out about yet another change, but they will get used to it. Hopefully this change really will bring us one more step toward using social media to connect outside of the internet.

Image from zimbio.com

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