Nike’s Run, Alice, Run

Nike’s new campaign Run, Alice, Run is everything an ad campaign should be. It’s emotional, personal, persuasive, attractive, and most of all, it tells a story.

Run, Alice, Run is a series of testimonials by the friends and family of a fictitious girl named Alice. Alice is an attractive, girl-next-door, 20 somethings woman who simply loves running. The story is clear and simple: Alice’s Nike running shoes are so comfortable that she just runs all day… and night. Watch the ad that tells the story basics below:

This ad is then followed up by a series of other ads featuring those who are close to Alice including her boyfriend, her best friends, her grandparents and my favorite, her dog. Together they tell a story and leave the viewer begging for more. Watch below:

In all, Nike did a fantastic job as they so often do. This campaign, although exaggerated to the extreme, is something their target market can relate to. Nike fans love to run. The only things stopping them are their relationships, time and the comfort of their shoes. This series of videos addresses all three of those issues. The people who love you will make the relationship work, everything can be done in time with the cooperation of others and well, buy a pair of Nikes.

Style wise – I love that the audio continues after the screen has cut to the message. It feels very natural in the American sort of way and literally pulls the viewer to the edge of their seat in a “but wait, I want to hear the rest” manner. The coloring and design are perfect for both the story and the season. It is very much a slice of life without going a nanometer over the top.

Nike has set up a fantastic campaign that could continue to grow over time by adding more testimonials to Alice’s story, introducing Alice’s running buddy or even another runner she meets along her journey. Of course, Nike won’t stick with this campaign for too long. Nike is all about running and forward movement, not adding icing to the cake. I’m sure we will be seeing another amazing and entirely different campaign in near future.

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