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Google+ is another social network, similar to Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and all the others out there trying to make it in the big bad internet world.

Google+ launched on June 28, 2011 and quickly grew. According to a number of news reports, “Google+ was the fastest social network to reach 10 million users at 16 days. It took Twitter 780 days and Facebook 852 days.” 

The new social network boasted a USP of privacy. Unlike other social networks, Google+ promises privacy which is executed through a business model banning advertising and a new feature called “circles.” Continue reading

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Christmas With John Lewis

I’m not going to lie, this UK Christmas spot by John Lewis made me tear up.

This is everything consumers look for in a holiday ad: passion, emotion and family. Perfectly executed in a way that makes the viewer reach out for their loved ones, smile, and remember all the great things in life. I’m not a fan of most advertising done around December, but this one is done all too well.

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Disney in Times Square

To celebrate Disney’s 83rd birthday, Disney characters took over Times Square in a special celebration for all to enjoy. Visitors could interact with Disney characters on a digital board that captured their own image and movements. Watch below:

This campaign fits perfectly with the Disney image. It is fun, interactive, fits all ages and is truly magical. I can only image how much of a treat it was for the many children who had the digital experience of dancing with Mickey Mouse. Continue reading

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