Disney in Times Square

To celebrate Disney’s 83rd birthday, Disney characters took over Times Square in a special celebration for all to enjoy. Visitors could interact with Disney characters on a digital board that captured their own image and movements. Watch below:

This campaign fits perfectly with the Disney image. It is fun, interactive, fits all ages and is truly magical. I can only image how much of a treat it was for the many children who had the digital experience of dancing with Mickey Mouse.

The location couldn’t have been chosen better. Far enough from all Disney parks, many New Yorkers may have never had the chance to visit a Disney park and meet characters in person. This campaign brought those characters to people who have not yet experienced them. For those that have visited the parks, this was just one more magical interaction with the characters we all know and love. Of course, the placement in Times Square also assured the largest foot traffic, word of mouth and media coverage possible. What a great way to light up Times Square and stand out from the clutter.

The only thing Disney could have done better would have been to send characters to New York. They could have had characters that were not used in the digital experience roaming the surrounding area and drilling up attention for that billboard. Placing Disney characters in Central Park and the areas surrounding Times Square would have drawn increased traffic (not that Times Square really needs it) and created even more of a buzz for Disney.

Not that anyone needs to say it, but well done Disney. Well done as always.


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