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Online Dating Survey

I’m conducting some market research about online dating. Please take a minute to complete this survey.

Results will be posted soon.

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Richie’s Diner’s Migrane Inducing Menu

I visited a cute 50’s diner in Rancho Cucamonga called Richie’s Diner. It’s known to locals as a great place for a good breakfast and large portions. In need of a good American meal, I met my dad and brother for a quiet Saturday brunch.

I took a seat at a sticky red booth and was handed a menu by an uninterested waitress with a high pony tail. This menu screamed All-American in the cheesiest way possible. I love 50’s diners for the upbeat music, deliciously simple grease-enhanced food and black and white tiled floors, but why are the menus sooooo bad?! Continue reading

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Free Air Guitar

96.3 Rock Radio created and implemented one of the most simple and fun outdoor marketing executions I have ever seen.

The station set out two rows of empty guitar racks against a wall with a sign reading “Free Air Guitar” and an arrow pointing to the racks. The sign invites by passers to “Please, Take One.” Continue reading

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Kenneth Cole Goes Sleazy

Walking through the Ontario Mills Mall in Ontario, California I noticed that just about every store had a sale sign in the doorway. Most boasted a 30% or 40% off sale for the winter holidays. Kenneth Cole thought they might gain the upper hand by offering 41% off… Then I kept reading… What a nightmare!

Let’s start with the most obvious: 41%. Continue reading

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US Airways Charges $25

I was walking through an airport today for my Southwest flight to Phoenix, Arizona when I heard another real life slice of life commercial. Something like my previous Toyota story.

As I passed the US Airways ticketing counter I overheard a conversation between an agent and a customer. The agent said “that will cost an extra $25” to which the customer replied “$25 dollars?!” The customer then went on with some continued complaining of which I ignored in my pursuit for TSA and my awaiting flight. Continue reading


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