US Airways Charges $25

I was walking through an airport today for my Southwest flight to Phoenix, Arizona when I heard another real life slice of life commercial. Something like my previous Toyota story.

As I passed the US Airways ticketing counter I overheard a conversation between an agent and a customer. The agent said “that will cost an extra $25” to which the customer replied “$25 dollars?!” The customer then went on with some continued complaining of which I ignored in my pursuit for TSA and my awaiting flight.

As I do so often, I began playing out the commercial in my head:

Stage: US Airways ticketing counter decked out in Christmas spirit.

Scene 1:

Single male customer approaches ticketing counter.

Customer places bulky, overweight bag on scale.

Agent confirms, “You’re checking one bag Mister Smith? That is going to cost an extra $25.”

The customer surprised and angry at the astounding information exclaims “$25?! Southwest doesn’t charge for checked bags!”

Cut to logo and friendly tagline. Bags fly free with Southwest!

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