Kenneth Cole Goes Sleazy

Walking through the Ontario Mills Mall in Ontario, California I noticed that just about every store had a sale sign in the doorway. Most boasted a 30% or 40% off sale for the winter holidays. Kenneth Cole thought they might gain the upper hand by offering 41% off… Then I kept reading… What a nightmare!

Let’s start with the most obvious: 41%.

Does that extra 1% drag shoppers out of the crowds and into the store? Nope. It just looks silly and desperate. There’s a reason every other store gives even percentages, it makes sense! It’s tried and true!

Argue if you want about the benefit of 1% off, but the next item you just can’t let go.

“Now you really can get off on shopping.”

Really?! That’s just dirty Kenneth Cole!

I’d expect that sleaze from Fredrick’s of Hollywood or Spencer’s Gifts, but Kenneth Cole?! You’re supposed to be classy, high quality and desirable. Show a bit of shoulder and let the imagination do the rest. Don’t give it all away up front like some 10 cent stripper!

Kenneth Cole is not marketed as a naughty brand and now is not the time to start. If I were the manager of that store I would drag that sign back into the store, hide in the back room next to last season’s rejected camel booties and never speak of it again.

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