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Wimpy Braille Burgers

Every company has to choose their target market. Sometimes niche markets are chosen for each line of products. Most marketing plans describe their target market something like: “African American Men and women, ages 10-32, with a HHI of $40-$60k living in suburban areas of major cities in the US.”

Wimpy, a popular burger shop in South Africa, chose to market their burgers to a very niche market that few companies ever reach out to. The sight impaired.

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Columbia’s Cold, Abandoned Bikini Model

Orange and brown Leaves flutter to the pavement, rain pelts rooftops, wind blows through the city. Winter is coming. With the new season comes new advertising. 

Usually, winter advertising features Santa Claus, holly, snowflakes and kids in puffy jackets. Columbia, a sportswear store took a different approach. Continue reading

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BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag

States across the United States have begun implementing new laws that make shoppers pay extra for their bags.

For years, shoppers have adopted green initiatives to bring their own bags when they shop for groceries. Retailers have created cute canvas and plastic bags that fold and ball up into convenient sizes that fit in a purse or between the seats of a car. Shoppers have felt a sense of pride and responsibility in the gesture they have been doing to help their environment.

Now, all shoppers in some cities are forced to either bring their own bag or pay an extra 10 cents for one.  Continue reading

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