Columbia’s Cold, Abandoned Bikini Model

Orange and brown Leaves flutter to the pavement, rain pelts rooftops, wind blows through the city. Winter is coming. With the new season comes new advertising. 

Usually, winter advertising features Santa Claus, holly, snowflakes and kids in puffy jackets. Columbia, a sportswear store took a different approach.

In this print ad, Columbia has targeted teenagers and young adults. They use the popular phrase “what’s hot” as a play on the winter season and the popular use of the word “hot” meaning something in style and popular.

What may have started as good intentions has come across as a ridiculously silly print ad.

I’m not really sure what senario blondie is supposed to be in – bikini model caught in a snowstorm without her camera crew, got in a fight with a bear and he only took her clothes, or abducted by aliens in her sleep and returned to earth on a deserted snowy hill. I suppose the beauty of this ad is that it allows the reader to make up their own story.

This ad, although not particularly tasteful, stands out amongst the rest of holiday print ads that are all red, green, warm and plastered with smiling faces. It also makes it very clear that the ad is about the coat.

Overall, maybe not the most beautiful ad, but you can’t argue in the creativity and uniqueness.

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