Wimpy Braille Burgers

Every company has to choose their target market. Sometimes niche markets are chosen for each line of products. Most marketing plans describe their target market something like: “African American Men and women, ages 10-32, with a HHI of $40-$60k living in suburban areas of major cities in the US.”

Wimpy, a popular burger shop in South Africa, chose to market their burgers to a very niche market that few companies ever reach out to. The sight impaired.

According to WHO, there are 285 million visually impaired people across the globe. These people miss out on a majority of marketing and advertising messages because they are not created for those who cannot see them. Of course, people adapt and find things that they do understand, but what if a company went out of their way to include those who are normally left out?

According to Wimpy, they reached over 800,000 people with this campaign centered on 15 specially made burger buns. What an investment!

I love this campaign because it is creative, inexpensive, warm and heartfelt. Thank you Wimpy for caring about your customers as people.

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  1. Loved this, thanks for sharing!

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