Whether you like it or not, each person is affected by advertising and marketing messages daily. And as much as most people hate to be told, sex sells.

When you drive to work early in the morning you read billboards and listen to radio messages as you pass buildings sporting well thought-out logos and brand names. At lunch you read a sign advertising new specials at the sandwich shop and receive a brochure from a street promoter for a club event that weekend. After work you pass promotions for sports drinks, energy bars and gear at the gym. Driving home you read a bumper sticker on the back of a slow moving truck and then catch a glimpse of a dealership plate on a new car. Finally, you sit in your favorite recliner and relax with a brand name beer and watch a TV show with commercials breaks every 15 minutes. Welcome to life.

This blog is about those  messages.

The header of this blog comes from a fellow blogger at myattemptstoblog.blogspot.com

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