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Ikea in France

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you probably realize my love for guerilla marketing. Ikea, a popular home store ran this campaign in a Paris subway in France.

This campaign is quirky, involved and fits the Ikea brand to the t.

I’d love to know what their return was on such an expensive campaign.

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Wimpy Braille Burgers

Every company has to choose their target market. Sometimes niche markets are chosen for each line of products. Most marketing plans describe their target market something like: “African American Men and women, ages 10-32, with a HHI of $40-$60k living in suburban areas of major cities in the US.”

Wimpy, a popular burger shop in South Africa, chose to market their burgers to a very niche market that few companies ever reach out to. The sight impaired.

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Free Air Guitar

96.3 Rock Radio created and implemented one of the most simple and fun outdoor marketing executions I have ever seen.

The station set out two rows of empty guitar racks against a wall with a sign reading “Free Air Guitar” and an arrow pointing to the racks. The sign invites by passers to “Please, Take One.” Continue reading

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Kenneth Cole Goes Sleazy

Walking through the Ontario Mills Mall in Ontario, California I noticed that just about every store had a sale sign in the doorway. Most boasted a 30% or 40% off sale for the winter holidays. Kenneth Cole thought they might gain the upper hand by offering 41% off… Then I kept reading… What a nightmare!

Let’s start with the most obvious: 41%. Continue reading

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US Airways Charges $25

I was walking through an airport today for my Southwest flight to Phoenix, Arizona when I heard another real life slice of life commercial. Something like my previous Toyota story.

As I passed the US Airways ticketing counter I overheard a conversation between an agent and a customer. The agent said “that will cost an extra $25” to which the customer replied “$25 dollars?!” The customer then went on with some continued complaining of which I ignored in my pursuit for TSA and my awaiting flight. Continue reading


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Christmas With John Lewis

I’m not going to lie, this UK Christmas spot by John Lewis made me tear up.

This is everything consumers look for in a holiday ad: passion, emotion and family. Perfectly executed in a way that makes the viewer reach out for their loved ones, smile, and remember all the great things in life. I’m not a fan of most advertising done around December, but this one is done all too well.

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Disney in Times Square

To celebrate Disney’s 83rd birthday, Disney characters took over Times Square in a special celebration for all to enjoy. Visitors could interact with Disney characters on a digital board that captured their own image and movements. Watch below:

This campaign fits perfectly with the Disney image. It is fun, interactive, fits all ages and is truly magical. I can only image how much of a treat it was for the many children who had the digital experience of dancing with Mickey Mouse. Continue reading

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Nike’s Run, Alice, Run

Nike’s new campaign Run, Alice, Run is everything an ad campaign should be. It’s emotional, personal, persuasive, attractive, and most of all, it tells a story.

Run, Alice, Run is a series of testimonials by the friends and family of a fictitious girl named Alice. Alice is an attractive, girl-next-door, 20 somethings woman who simply loves running. The story is clear and simple: Alice’s Nike running shoes are so comfortable that she just runs all day… and night. Watch the ad that tells the story basics below: Continue reading

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Toviaz’s Terrible Attempt at a Print Ad

I love the random magazines that cover the tables of waiting rooms. As an advertiser/marketer, I usually pick the magazine furthest from my demographic just to see the types of ads. This time I chose Coastal Living, a magazine about coastal destinations and home decorating. I’m guessing their demographic is somewhere around white women ages 35-60 living by the coast with an income of 60k+.

Somewhere about three quarters the way through the magazine I came across this ad:


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Magic Brownies Spot a Distasteful Representation of General Mills

General Mills recently launched this new spot for “magic brownies” featuring Cheech and Chong. My question is, why?

  1. This spot is tasteless, much like their boxed brownies.
  2. There is absolutely no reason to promote a wholesome brand with druggie losers.
  3. The spot doesn’t even tease viewers to visit their site to watch the rest of the video, see what happens next or create their own ending in an attempt to drive traffic or create brand interaction. Ie: there is no point.
And most of all…

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