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Ikea in France

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you probably realize my love for guerilla marketing. Ikea, a popular home store ran this campaign in a Paris subway in France.

This campaign is quirky, involved and fits the Ikea brand to the t.

I’d love to know what their return was on such an expensive campaign.

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Wimpy Braille Burgers

Every company has to choose their target market. Sometimes niche markets are chosen for each line of products. Most marketing plans describe their target market something like: “African American Men and women, ages 10-32, with a HHI of $40-$60k living in suburban areas of major cities in the US.”

Wimpy, a popular burger shop in South Africa, chose to market their burgers to a very niche market that few companies ever reach out to. The sight impaired.

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BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag

States across the United States have begun implementing new laws that make shoppers pay extra for their bags.

For years, shoppers have adopted green initiatives to bring their own bags when they shop for groceries. Retailers have created cute canvas and plastic bags that fold and ball up into convenient sizes that fit in a purse or between the seats of a car. Shoppers have felt a sense of pride and responsibility in the gesture they have been doing to help their environment.

Now, all shoppers in some cities are forced to either bring their own bag or pay an extra 10 cents for one.  Continue reading

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Online Dating Survey

I’m conducting some market research about online dating. Please take a minute to complete this survey.

Results will be posted soon.

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Richie’s Diner’s Migrane Inducing Menu

I visited a cute 50’s diner in Rancho Cucamonga called Richie’s Diner. It’s known to locals as a great place for a good breakfast and large portions. In need of a good American meal, I met my dad and brother for a quiet Saturday brunch.

I took a seat at a sticky red booth and was handed a menu by an uninterested waitress with a high pony tail. This menu screamed All-American in the cheesiest way possible. I love 50’s diners for the upbeat music, deliciously simple grease-enhanced food and black and white tiled floors, but why are the menus sooooo bad?! Continue reading

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Kenneth Cole Goes Sleazy

Walking through the Ontario Mills Mall in Ontario, California I noticed that just about every store had a sale sign in the doorway. Most boasted a 30% or 40% off sale for the winter holidays. Kenneth Cole thought they might gain the upper hand by offering 41% off… Then I kept reading… What a nightmare!

Let’s start with the most obvious: 41%. Continue reading

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Google+ is another social network, similar to Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and all the others out there trying to make it in the big bad internet world.

Google+ launched on June 28, 2011 and quickly grew. According to a number of news reports, “Google+ was the fastest social network to reach 10 million users at 16 days. It took Twitter 780 days and Facebook 852 days.” 

The new social network boasted a USP of privacy. Unlike other social networks, Google+ promises privacy which is executed through a business model banning advertising and a new feature called “circles.” Continue reading

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Disney in Times Square

To celebrate Disney’s 83rd birthday, Disney characters took over Times Square in a special celebration for all to enjoy. Visitors could interact with Disney characters on a digital board that captured their own image and movements. Watch below:

This campaign fits perfectly with the Disney image. It is fun, interactive, fits all ages and is truly magical. I can only image how much of a treat it was for the many children who had the digital experience of dancing with Mickey Mouse. Continue reading

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It’s a Camry?!

In taking my car to the Toyota dealership for service over the weekend, I spent a good two hours in their waiting area.

While waiting, a young mother and her son, about three years old walked through. The mother, trying to entertain her bored toddler pointed at the wall where a large picture of a yellow race car in a pit stop hung. In the picture, the car is surrounded by a pit team, quickly prepping the car to return to the race.

My attention no longer in my book, I kept my head down, but eavesdropped on this perfect example of marketing. The mother said, “Look hunny! It’s just like your race car. We should have brought your car.” Of course she was probably referring to a sporty Matchbox car back at their home. Continue reading


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QR Codes

QR codes are those nifty one-inch squares that look like bar codes and are showing up everywhere. When scanned with a smart phone they take you to a specific website. Companies have linked them to their websites, Facebook pages and sweepstakes. Some have even incorporated design elements including text and shaping the code into something relating to their brand. While the intention may be good, do consumers really care? 

It has been said that QR codes are only loved by marketers and the average consumer does not care for them. Continue reading

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