Google+ is another social network, similar to Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and all the others out there trying to make it in the big bad internet world.

Google+ launched on June 28, 2011 and quickly grew. According to a number of news reports, “Google+ was the fastest social network to reach 10 million users at 16 days. It took Twitter 780 days and Facebook 852 days.” 

The new social network boasted a USP of privacy. Unlike other social networks, Google+ promises privacy which is executed through a business model banning advertising and a new feature called “circles.” Continue reading


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Christmas With John Lewis

I’m not going to lie, this UK Christmas spot by John Lewis made me tear up.

This is everything consumers look for in a holiday ad: passion, emotion and family. Perfectly executed in a way that makes the viewer reach out for their loved ones, smile, and remember all the great things in life. I’m not a fan of most advertising done around December, but this one is done all too well.

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Disney in Times Square

To celebrate Disney’s 83rd birthday, Disney characters took over Times Square in a special celebration for all to enjoy. Visitors could interact with Disney characters on a digital board that captured their own image and movements. Watch below:

This campaign fits perfectly with the Disney image. It is fun, interactive, fits all ages and is truly magical. I can only image how much of a treat it was for the many children who had the digital experience of dancing with Mickey Mouse. Continue reading

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Nike’s Run, Alice, Run

Nike’s new campaign Run, Alice, Run is everything an ad campaign should be. It’s emotional, personal, persuasive, attractive, and most of all, it tells a story.

Run, Alice, Run is a series of testimonials by the friends and family of a fictitious girl named Alice. Alice is an attractive, girl-next-door, 20 somethings woman who simply loves running. The story is clear and simple: Alice’s Nike running shoes are so comfortable that she just runs all day… and night. Watch the ad that tells the story basics below: Continue reading

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Toviaz’s Terrible Attempt at a Print Ad

I love the random magazines that cover the tables of waiting rooms. As an advertiser/marketer, I usually pick the magazine furthest from my demographic just to see the types of ads. This time I chose Coastal Living, a magazine about coastal destinations and home decorating. I’m guessing their demographic is somewhere around white women ages 35-60 living by the coast with an income of 60k+.

Somewhere about three quarters the way through the magazine I came across this ad:


Continue reading

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Magic Brownies Spot a Distasteful Representation of General Mills

General Mills recently launched this new spot for “magic brownies” featuring Cheech and Chong. My question is, why?

  1. This spot is tasteless, much like their boxed brownies.
  2. There is absolutely no reason to promote a wholesome brand with druggie losers.
  3. The spot doesn’t even tease viewers to visit their site to watch the rest of the video, see what happens next or create their own ending in an attempt to drive traffic or create brand interaction. Ie: there is no point.
And most of all…

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It’s a Camry?!

In taking my car to the Toyota dealership for service over the weekend, I spent a good two hours in their waiting area.

While waiting, a young mother and her son, about three years old walked through. The mother, trying to entertain her bored toddler pointed at the wall where a large picture of a yellow race car in a pit stop hung. In the picture, the car is surrounded by a pit team, quickly prepping the car to return to the race.

My attention no longer in my book, I kept my head down, but eavesdropped on this perfect example of marketing. The mother said, “Look hunny! It’s just like your race car. We should have brought your car.” Of course she was probably referring to a sporty Matchbox car back at their home. Continue reading


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QR Codes

QR codes are those nifty one-inch squares that look like bar codes and are showing up everywhere. When scanned with a smart phone they take you to a specific website. Companies have linked them to their websites, Facebook pages and sweepstakes. Some have even incorporated design elements including text and shaping the code into something relating to their brand. While the intention may be good, do consumers really care? 

It has been said that QR codes are only loved by marketers and the average consumer does not care for them. Continue reading

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F8 – Facebook Developer’s Conference

Today, Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at a converted warehouse in SOMA to address the world about something we are all much too familiar with, Facebook.

Zuckerberg’s overall message was: Discover through friends.

The keynote address started on an up note with Andy Samberg (a personal favorite) posing as Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg then took the stage and fumbled through his presentation with the repeated statement “this is really exciting.” So maybe he’s not the best presenter, but there is no doubt in the ability of Facebook to change how we communicate.

Key takeaways from Facebook’s f8 developer’s conference today: Continue reading

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